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Status Change!!
We just found out we are now full-term “Career” missionaries! I know some of you might be thinking “aren’t you already?” But technically, we started with WorldVenture as mid-term missionaries only committed for two years on the field. We have always told most people we are mid-term missionaries with a long term (career) focus, but it was becoming more clear that we needed to make the change. We knew our mid-term status was hindering instead of equipping us for longevity on the field, and so we started the process. We are excited to announce that we are now officially official!










Testimony of Provision.
As Danielle is finally pursuing her dream and call to become a midwife, we must share how God is in control. We sought much discernment, praying about what route she should take in schooling and Mercy in Action (based in the Philippines) was our clear choice. With MIA, she was able to do a distance academic learning program, a program that provided intensive modules that she could complete at her own pace, and an internship at the maternity center in the Phillipines. Trusting that this was the road that God lead us down, it was difficult but not tragic to learn of a few hurdles on this route. We soon learned with MIA, Danielle could become a certified Midwife, but would not have a degree nor be licensed in California, which meant she would not be able practice in the states. While it took some time to process some of these realizations, we trusted God was preparing us to get past some of the worldly titles, and had a plan. Well, things got worse…..
Legislation was starting to change the role of midwives in the States. And a bigger problem was brewing that stopped Danielle’s schooling in its tracks. International midwifery clinics have been open for internships for US midwives for some time, but unfortunately there hasn’t been much accountability of medical malpractice and abuse happening in many sites around the world. While we were visiting “Heartline ministries” in Haiti, it was voted on by the National Midwifery Board that they would close all international sites for accreditation for schools such as MIA. To say this was a difficult time for Danielle would be an understatement. It was like the carpet was ripped out from under her feet leaving her lost and confused as to why God lead us down this road. As Danielle was alongside amazing midwives in Haiti, seeking to model some of there practices, she found herself in tears wondering if this road would ever open back up. But the power of prayer works…
In Haiti, those cry sessions turned into prayer sessions, and continued to reassure Danielle that God will make all things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Our Madagascar team partner, Alissa Shattenberg, got on the phone once we got home to see what options there are for this impossible situation. And long story short (J/k)…the door has opened for Danielle to change schools to a MEAC accredited school with the National College of Midwifery. This opportunity not only allows Danielle to get a degree and possibility to practice in the states, but she still gets credit for all the work she has done thus far! (Praise God) And Alissa is becoming Danielle’s preceptor, which means Danielle can learn and practice in the very place she will serve!!! We might not have all the answers, but when we trust in Him, He will make our paths straight.








Call to prayer…

But we ask you to still pray for this specific situation. As Danielle changes school, all her tuition fees are required up front. We found out about a possible Grant that would cover the $5,000 cost and was praying that was the answer. But unfortunately, we received notice this week that the grant was denied. After what we went through, we rejoice when we hear this news, and are excited to see how God will provide. So… if you can join us in prayer to see how He leads next, we would be honored.

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  1. I am so excited for the good news and will pray for the resolution of the other while I am giving praise.

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