Used by God

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Used by God…
We are continually amazed at the process to become missionaries and serve on the field.  As most of you have probably heard us say, “it’s like being on a roller coaster, you have huge swings of highs and lows, but it’s an incredible ride!”  We’ve come to realize that our low days are those we don’t begin by giving Him control, surrendering our will by praying “God, direct my path today, use me for your Glory, may I be an encouragement to others with the people you put in my path”.  It is amazing to see how much freedom there is when He is in control. We wish to share how many of you have been used by God in ways you may not realize and I am not just talking about those that have partnered with us financially (even though that has also been an incredible, mind-blowing blessing and humbling experience). Living in a culture where money tends to drive us, even control us, many of you have shown us what sacrificial giving is. I am also talking about those of you that have said a word or two of encouragement that has been exactly what we need to hear to keep pressing on, you are being used by God. Those of you who pray with us or share you are praying for us in specific matters, you are being used by God.  Those who welcome us into your homes and share stories, experiences, laughter and tears, you are being used by God.  Family and friends, who have embraced us with a hug, whispering “I’m going to miss you,” you have been used by God.  Those of you who have invested a part of yourselves through your own time, money, gifts and talents in helping us make it to the field you are a part of the Red Island Project community and are being used by God in amazing ways.
The highs of this ride are when we learn how God is preparing and equipping us to serve in a foreign land.  It’s when and how He provides in ways that are beyond our own control.  It’s when some of you join this incredible journey with us and we begin to get a glimpse on how God will accomplish this awesome work in Madagascar!  We are amazed through it all, and often wonder why we don’t always seek to live like this.


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  1. So glad God has chosen me to be part of this adventure He has you on. To God Be All Glory!!


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