a call to prayer for a heartbroken mother

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We have been heartbroken over the news we recently received.  This is Liva (pictured above) and she is already intricately involved in our family of 5.  A recent missionary family left the field whom Liva worked  for and because of their departure she was going to be out of work.  Even though we are not on the field yet, we learned of Liva’s situation and hired her so that we could support her and welcome her as a part of our family when we get there.  A large part of my trip there in June was to organize those type of arrangements.  Liva will help us with our day to day survival in Madagascar.  She is a faithful christian with a servants heart, and will be helping us with everything from navigating the shopping in the markets to loving on our kids.  She is great with kids as she raised three boys of her own.

Liva has entered into an incredibly difficult time as a mother.  About 9 days ago, one of her sons (22 yrs old) went fishing in the deep ocean on a small outrigger canoe with 6 other guys.  There was report of a storm that approached around that time.  The unfathomable reality of which any mother fears to accept is the loss of a child.  But each day with no word or sign of any of those men begins to tear at that fleeting hope.  Our hearts break with Liva as she struggles to bear the overwhelming emotions and grief.

As her worries and concerns for this son grew, another son became increasingly ill.  After examination with a doctor, the boy was diagnosed with appendicitis.  A potentially life threatning complication if the appendix is not surgically removed as soon as possible.  Reality is that in Madagascar, any treatment (surgery) needs to be paid in full before they will treat any patient.  Liva was at a complete loss, as most malagasy cannot afford the unexpected cost of a surgery (especially with little to no insurance plans there).  We can’t imagine the burdens she been facing these last two weeks.

We Praise God that she did get the money to have the surgery for her son!  The surgery went well and he is now recuperating.  But there is still no word about her other son.  I spoke with her a little the other day and we are still waiting for more updates.  Please join us in praying for Liva and her family.  We are burdened to cover her in prayer as she walks this incredibly hard road.  It is difficult for us not to be there to console, comfort, or hug her during this time.  But we trust our God can give her more peace and support than anything we can physically do as He is the only one who can truly meet her where she is. May we embrace her in prayer.




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